Magazine is similar in praise calling it “Easily one of the best albums from an X Factor graduate! Vocally, he can switch between quivering intimacy and a belting falsetto, but his intensity never waivers. Mi perfil Enviar letra Mensajes Editar Salir. Aiden Grimshaw, as perhaps you know, was once on X Factor. The trouble here is that Grimshaw is coasting over the clatter of knee-jerk drum’n’bass, now de rigueur in chart pop but as overused as melisma. The quiff is gone. We’ve heard it and decided to share our feelings on his first album below.

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It peaked at number 19 on the UK albums chart. The interstices of pop are always intriguing when some DNA from one variety migrates over to another; when an artist is not quite flesh nor fowl.

Chris Martin is aiden grimshaw hold on the house again, hitched to a soul sample and some belated feelgood uplift. The biggest surprise at seeing Grimshaw, now just shy of 21, in oon flesh is how he faintly recalls the young Robbie Williamsjust sprung from Take That — a young, northern lad loose in a southern world; that regional chippy swagger coupled with his own trademark focus.

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Aiden Grimshaw:Hold On Lyrics

Grimshaw emerged, at least by the standards of The X Factoras an intense guy, beset a little by issues of integrity. For those who eschew The X Factor on humanitarian grounds, this was the most salient fact here. Downbeat and moody – Grimshaw pours his not-exactly-hidden intensity into grimzhaw lovelorn ballad about the lies of an ex lover. A mature, restrained debut album which knows exactly when to cut loose and when to hold back, Aiden Grimshaw’s debut album is essential listening for any self respecting pop music fan.


Contact us Terms and conditions Privacy policy. Bringing back the beats and saving the best until last, Grimshaw exceeds expectations by saving the album’s standout tracks for the finale. Such was the savagery of Grimshaw’s delivery, the force of his thousand-yard stare, you feared that he might come offstage and start gnawing the scenery.

The year-old singer is due to release his debut album ‘Misty Eye’ on 20 August Not every track needs the kitchen sink approach. But Oj set lays bare a bizarre collage of influences.

A showcase not only of the album’s intentions, but Grimshaw’s vocal talents. It’s less of a Pinterest mood board and more a haphazard fling at the wall. The quiff is gone. The trouble here is that Grimshaw is coasting over the clatter of knee-jerk drum’n’bass, grimshas de rigueur in chart pop but as overused as melisma.

Quiero recibir notificaciones de artistas destacados y noticias. He has a band and a new penchant for alt rock and atmospherics, for dubstep and drum’n’bass.

Aiden grimshaw hold on two years of aiden grimshaw hold on and going to the pub with Matt Cardle, grimxhaw returned this year with debut single ‘Is This Love’, surprising listeners with his mature sound and drum’n’bass influences. Pop aiden grimshaw hold on rock The X Factor reviews. The night air is all that surrounds us The moon’s glow, the lights will drown us Hold on to your stars before they fade Before they fade, they fade The dark comes out you say.


But devotees of Britain’s gaudiest sausage machine will probably recall the young Grimshaw more clearly than much of the mechanically recovered televisual meat it usually spits out. The title track, meanwhile, starts with a sampled nod to Moby and is soon bogged down in another tar pit of cliche and portentousness.

Aiden Grimshaw:Hold On Lyrics | LyricWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Popsoulalternativeelectronicdrum and bass. Like pop’s greatest moments, the heartbroken lyrics are totally at odds with the soaring melody making for a blisstfully sunny listen while dealing with a young man’s tattered emotions.

Hold On Aiden Grimshaw.

Grimshaw Rogers Joseph Bartlett. Delicate verses explode into an epic, head-turning chorus that hints at the potential of this young singer. Grimshaw’s most satisfying three minutes come in Curtain Call, ironically, adien album’s most mainstream cut. He sang it in a frilly shirt that looked like a straitjacket.

Hold On – Aiden Grimshaw | Letras de Músicas FM

The title track, and another track heard at his recent live shows. Familiar to anyone who has seen Grimshaw at his early live dates, ‘Hold On’ has been serving as the opener to his recent London shows – and opens proceedings here to epic effect.

Grimshaw goes emo as he returns to the drum’n’bass sounds, blending the beats with a delicate piano and a spectacular vocal.