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Saya Terumi Biography Gallery. Is this an Alex Mercer reference? This move has some of the best range of his non-Drive attacks, and it is his main low hitting normal. But then again, if someone DOES slip up and let him close the distance you got a pretty good advantage don’t you? Outside of tick throws your mixup options are: Once one of the Six Heroes who defeated the Black Beast. A major change in BBCF is that this move now has a minimum height restriction; due to this, the move doesn’t fully animate on airborne opponents too far from the ground.

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Like 5D, it nullifies projectiles. A jump-cancellable sand kick. If you don’t mind me bugging you again, how does Hakumen stands in tiers?

Yuuki Terumi

Mixup game is bad without meter. Can terui into Crush Trigger, Overdrive, and any special besides 22C or super on the first hit of the grab. Susano’o Biography Gallery Gameplay Quotes. Saya Terumi Biography Gallery. The A version cannot be followed up without Heat.

Huge meter gain Good mobility Great offensive and defensive options with meter Astral is easy to combo Weaknesses: OD version adds an extra kick at the end which groundbounces the opponent, allowing follow-ups; the ground version gives 8 frames to follow up, while the air version gives 11 frames, making it a staple OD combo extender. Goji Nov 28, Es Biography Gallery Gameplay Quotes. On counter hit it pushes the opponent all the way to full screen.


We’ve seen low-tiers show up in tournaments before tterumi playstyles no one thought it’d be viable namely PoongKo’s Seth. Views Read View source View history. The startup and recovery are pretty sizeable, so Terumi must be careful when throwing this out. Hlazblue allows him to prevent his opponent from approaching too carelessly unless they want to give him free meter. Cold and cruel, he truly enjoys “despair” and “destruction” from the bottom of his heart.

B overhead, you can also wait till right before the second lands and RC into a throw or low. He kills the Sister, and takes Jin and Saya with him, throwing Ragna into a pit of despair.

Kajun Faycott Biography Gallery. On medium range your primary moves are 2C for ground and jC for air-to-air or air-to-ground.

Yuuki Terumi from BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma | Stuff | Character art, Art, Game character design

Thank you for reading this guide! Despite being the wielder of this weapon, it is not often that he chooses to use it. Lotte Carmine Biography Gallery. Nightmare Reaper also allows Terumi to cancel any super into his Exceed Accel on hit and block allowing him to easily end his combos with big damage and gain active flow.


Great OD combo filler bblazblue pressure option. The B version is an overhead.

Yuki Terumi (Blazblue)

Clavis Alucard Biography Gallery. Goldoni Nov 7, 3: Terumi’s pressure reset tool. As a side note, finishing an opponent with the first or second hit will give you a taunt voice clip while rubbing it in instead of his glazblue round win quotes.

When Rapid Canceled on the second hit, the A version leaves them in a long untechable state, making it useful in specific combos or for a taunt.

It can be very hard to confirm into combos on normal hit, 5D only links if j. The opponent will also not gain any Heat when they block or rerumi hit by Terumi’s Drive attacks. Once one of the Six Heroes who defeated the Black Beast, as well as the one who plunged Ragna into despair, he may seem impulsive and shallow-sighted, but is actually quite crafty and clear-minded.

Blazblie he saw the transformed world, he muttered “Gotta redo it again?