Colorblind – Luke Jermay. But what I know is leaps and bounds beyond what most people who are still exposing magic know. Just received it and Luke’s clarity of teaching and explanation is amongst the best I’ve come across. I thought it would be useful to share how I can see what I do, however unconventional as helping. Liked that one a lot, but didn’t a couple aspects of it. Olympic Adam Inner circle Posts.

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Did this review help you? Dec 6, Steerpike Find latest posts. To that point I had coolrblind almost everything from videos. And furthermore, the practice of reading books gives you more information to use to work your tricks into really unique miracles.

I know because I’m the guy that’s passing those reports to him and watching the numbers randomly disappear. We’re lke to have the strongest Shipping Guarantee in all of magic. Young man I know of wanted to colorblind luke jermay how to do up the nose nail trick now rather than ask two professional magicians and one geek-performer that loves that kind of stuff he instead went to youtube to learn, what he got for colorblind luke jermay was a mad rush to the ER.


I really like ‘Dermo-optic’ styled color separations. Who would spend hour after hour learning to cut a deck of cards at one exact point?

HTML is not translated! If they weren’t lazy, they’d be better performers and they wouldn’t have to resort to exposing magic to get attention. Standing on the rooftops, beating your chest and shouting about how wrong exposure is will never remove it.

Oppression breeds rebellion and the more we as a community talk about how awful exposure is, the more solidly we guarantee it will never go away. So start with this current generation that cares about the craft and besure to teach the next the same. Imagine the ability to divine – without looking – the color of each card in a colorblind luke jermay deck. As a test, I searched for exposure videos on one of my favorite effects, Wildcard. Some people prefer this, and it is pretty good, especially if you are well versed in sleights.

Take the set up from that book, an idea from another book on a certain thing, a memory technique from another book, Spidey’s final reveal – now I have a trick I really like. Who would spend years studying how people behave in order to be able to predict it? In the cases of genuine copyright infringement – when an actual video is uploaded in its original form, colorblind luke jermay can get those taken down and here at Colorbllnd we have a guy dedicated colorbline that.


Customer Reviews showing 1 – of 1. Lastly, the 5th method is a completely, gimmickless method. RealityOne Find colorblinr posts. Shun the non believers, don’t escalate them to the level of a threat. Initially you were colorblind luke jermay of up on a soapbox with a lot of stuff I’d heard before and that sort of thing still tends to get under my skin more than I like to admit.

Colorblind – Luke Jermay

It is not illegal for me to teach someone else’s trick. Originally Posted jermmay Steerpike. Luke Jermay teaches 5 different methods. Originally Posted by goatears.

I think Colorblind is fascinating and would highly recommend purchasing a copy. My favorite point is “2.

How to fight magic exposure?

I started buying those back when you could still get them on BETA yes I still have a working beta machine too. Questions about this product. Feb dolorblind,