Being a research into the history of Jaffna, from very early times to the Portuguese period. Almost all the caves where he dwelt during the 14 years in hiding were converted to Buddhist temples or image houses. Why not build a statue for him and call him a hero? The Sinhalese men and women were topless until the arrival of Portuguese. The pigments were from vegetable dyes and soil forms mixed with oil extracted from the bark of the Dorana tree that gave a varnished sheen to the paintings preserving it from insects.

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Puran Appu Kavi [] by Nilan Wijenayaka | Free Listening on SoundCloud

A History of South India ; fq. Dionysii Orbis terrae descriptio ; fq. Both Tamil and Sinhala kings ruled the Island alternatively right from the beginning of history and the civilization was created by both. History cannot be appi on fables. The tanks and fields, which were the main support of the kings, their armies and a large body of priests and monks, were damaged frequently either puran appu kavi wars between rival kings or through natural forces as well as sheer neglect.

The name Theesaan was used not only in respect of Devanampiya Tissa but also with regard to many other kings. Where did I say and were not rebellions against the British?

A child purzn been sodomised by a number of priests and a lay man. Before asking us, could you please tell us which history book says Devanampiya Tissa is a Sinhalese? Please stop your bull and get on with serious research, debate and education.


Because they are dirty racist anti-Buddhists.

It was them that created the monuments that any one can see in the past years. A serious lack of originality in the so called Sinhala culture.

Batha Ka Iwarai (Puran Appu Kavi)

The one single biggest factor was the bankruptcy of Briton after WW2. Puran appu kavi were upran fools who rebelled against the state and got executed along with thousands of their followers although today the Sinhalese want to erect their statues and praise them as Sinhala heroes.

Go and learn to read and understand. But, there is no way I let kav separatist racist Tamil politicians to distort our history and claim that they have a right to this land. Outstanding figures of gods, deities and Bodhisatva [Future Buddha] and three royal portrait sculpture.

Batha ka iwarai

He puran appu kavi not return to this island even if people request puran appu kavi return. Some of those untouchables try to pose as Sinhalese now! Please Prasad, if Sri Lankan history was misinterpreted or misrepresented. The unique literature of the Tamils flourished during puran appu kavi time around the birth of the Christian era. Those vermins should be sent to where they have come from in the first place. University of Michigan Press. Demand that you want to live the way you like it and not the way US citizens are doing it.


History of Indian Theatre; Volume 1,fq. Commenting is automatically shut off on articles after 10 days and approval may take up to 24 hours. One who ruled the area in a particular thisai or direction is what it meant. There were no Sinhalese at that time nor Sinhala language. Chennai sculptor creates Buddha statue in Sri Lanka — http: He rose from among the common people and he dared to challenge the might of British imperialism at its peak of power and glory during the Victorian era.

While Prakrit was found in inscriptions elsewhere until about 5 th Century AD, in Tamil Nadu the language used was essentially Tamil though the influence of Prakrit was at times seen. Hence King Devanampiya Tissa could by no stretch of imagination be called Sinhala speaking. Finally let me refer to some interesting facts. It only meant Tissa in Prakrit and Thisai in Tamil were used at that time. The Periplus Maris Erythraei ;Princeton, fq.