Smillie of Game Rant named Shinnok as a downloadable character wanted for a future Mortal Kombat release. Also, when characters kill another it’s the same as defeating them but regardless, again, Raiden did beat him as a revenant and it was never stated they become weaker. He killed him on accident because he’s a god and doesn’t know his own power. Quan Chi hires Lin Kuei clansman Sub-Zero to find the lost amulet, a task he accomplishes, and Quan Chi presents the object to Shinnok, who is unaware that it was a meaningless duplicate while Quan Chi secretly kept the original for himself. Her loyalty to Shao Kahn is replaced by her fear of Shinnok. Retrieved April 18, Shinnok lost to Johnny Cage and then Cassie Cage.

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Liu Kang did it. Bring back the main forum list.

Shinnok vs Shao Kahn (MKX Spoilers)

Noob Saibot ending console versions. General and media reception towards Shinnok as a boss character has been mixed.

Retrieved May 29, Raiden probably did sinnok to hold back, but he wasn’t powerful enough to take Shao Kahn on his own anyway since he wasn’t allowed to be in God status in Mortal Kombat.

Now to my opinion on this battle, shinnok normally should easily beat shao khan.

Johnny and Cass were amped? He destroys Raiden in his noncanonical ending, [6] is betrayed and killed with the amulet in Quan Chi’s ending, [7] and eliminates Reptile described in his biography as “a general in Shinnok’s army of darkness” in the latter’s conclusion after taking offense at Reptile’s demand that his race be restored as compensation for his service. Shao khan is a shihnok emporer and shinnok is a formal elder God. Before that he was owning everyone.


I just assumed that initial blast at sham kahn wasn’t very powerful. Raiden has already beat Shinnok in the past anyways. After Cassie is victorious over Shinnok, Whinnok then purifies the Jinsei, stripping Shinnok of his powers. Quan Chi hires Lin Kuei clansman Sub-Zero to find the lost amulet, a task he accomplishes, and Quan Chi presents the object to Shinnok, who is unaware that it was shinnnok meaningless duplicate while Quan Chi secretly kept the original for himself.

Retrieved May 26, It is Shinnok who allows her soul to be reborn on the outworld. This was altered in MK4 to Shinnok wearing simple battle armor with the headdress but minus the robe, while he walked normally like the other characters. He plays his largest role to date as the main antagonist in Mortal Kombat Xin which he defeats Raiden’s chosen warriors in battle before being sealed inside a magic amulet, in addition to serving as the game’s final boss. He makes a brief appearance in the beginning of the battle royal against the other combatants at the Pyramid of Argus in Armageddon’s opening sequence, when he summons a pair of giant skeletal hands that emerge from the earth and pin Raiden to the ground before Raiden hits him with a lightning blast.

Retrieved February 10, First appearing as the non-playable boss of the side-scrolling action-adventure game Mortal Kombat Mythologies: How to Play as Shinnok”. Johnny gifted his magical semen super saiyan god rip off powers to Cassie when she was born, so Cassie wrecked house with the most powerful being in MKX that we’ve seen thus far: They were both amped. He absolutely needed Kahn to help him.

Shinnok is the main and immediately playable boss character of Mortal Kombat 4in which he invades and annexes the otherworldly realm of Edenia shimnok the aid of Quan Chi’s forces and the traitorous Edenian Tanya. Game’s story is awful. The defenders regroup at headquarters in time to assist Raiden in xhinnok Shinnok out of Earthrealm.


Taven is under the impression that Shinnok is still a force of good, as he rescues Shinnok from an attack by Li Mei and then helps him regain control of a spire from an army of demons that are later revealed to have been apparitions merely serving as a test.

Ehh, I disagree, nothing was ever stated that the characters got weaker. In Mortal Kombat Xhis third selectable appearance and third overall in the Mortal Kombat series in which shinnol serves as the final boss, Shinnok is first seen in flashback at Raiden’s Sky Temple, fighting and defeating, Raiden, Fujinand a group of Earthrealm warriors in combat at the Jinsei Chamber, [13] the source of Earthrealm’s life force, until Raiden seals Shinnok inside his own amulet, whose whereabouts are then unknown over the course of the next twenty-five years, when Mileena has acquired it.

I don’t get it.

Shinnok – Wikipedia

When Kahn is weakened by the onslaught of attacks, Mileena takes the opportunity to destroy her father and allow Shinnok to step forward and take both realms for his own sinister shnnok.

The message that future Raiden sent past Raiden was “he must win” which was referring to Shao Kahn.

A character and storyline guide published for the show’s writers by Threshold Entertainment prior to production had mapped out an extensive plot involving what would become Shinnok’s Mortal Kombat 4 backstory of his “fierce takeover” of Earthrealm Edenia in the game and his desire to “avenge his past” against Raiden, all while backed up by the Brotherhood of the Shadow, whom the Earthrealm defenders battle before becoming trapped in the Netherealm described in the guide summary as a “dead planet”.