So you either need to convert the tile coordinates to sextant coordinates the Go To Location dialog can do this for you or you need to stand in a location where you know the proper coordinates. Dungeons especially are not edited or corrected. UOAM sprang from that. Visit this forum post and downlod the. It therefore cannot read the necessary art files from Ultima Online. If everything is working properly then you should never need to calibrate UOAM. It’s humbling and immensely rewarding.

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You should see UOAM properly tracking your movements. Sat Up 24, 4: Among the benefits are:. Fri Jun 18, 3: Includes an updated treasure map file which now uses THB labels just like our rune libraries, rather than the old unused NWNE1 coordinates. If everything is working properly then uo automap should never need to calibrate UOAM.

Yes, my password is: Do you think you’ve spoken to me uo automap Britannia? This reduced the installer by 3mb or so. And before some of you get your shorts all wrapped up, Tug is not only aware of this, he ou given me permission to tell you about it.


UO Auto map.

Enter your latitude and longitude in the boxes provided. All files needed to run UOAM are included. Discussion in ‘ Guides ‘ started by SidXJun 29, It’s time to face the truth: So irregardless of the client or version you are running it should work, you’ll just have to update the map cache files as instructed above.

It’s a utility that displays a portion of Ultima Online’s map. At that point it’s a snap to find uo automap where the pin is located, especially if you have downloaded Uo automap Treasure.

You can track players that aren’t in your part or without the tracking skill with this program? At this point UOAM should be working correctly, and you should see your location on the map.

UO Auto Map – UO Excelsior Wiki – Ultima Online Free Shard

SidXJun 29, Before you send me e-mail asking for help with a problem, please read the FAQ to be sure your problem isn’t addressed there. If you are prompted with this dialog for map cache, optimally qutomap should choose the Faster setting for each of the 3 sliders. If Automxp still augomap tracking your character then it is possible that UOAM’s self-calibration routines may have failed and it may need to be calibrated by hand. Super Dagon strikes again! Don’t you believe it! This has been uo automap long time coming and I apologize for the delay.


Has anyone managed to get this working in Linux with Wine? At that point it’s a snap uo automap find exactly where the pin is located, especially if you have enabled UOAM’s Treasure Map label collection.

HexoplexJun 29, Navigation uo automap Personal tools Log in.

– UO Auto-Map

UOAM calibrates itself by a magical process known as self-calibration. For those of you looking for a non-English language version of UOAM, all language versions are installed through the same setup program. Any location on the map can be labeled and categorized. If UOAM isn’t currently available in your language and you would like to help change that, send me email.

You have to manually link, it doesn’t happen on its own at program startup. You even uo automap need autkmap register UOA to enjoy these additional benefits.