Don’t think you will be seeing the whole cast of Romeo and Juliet in this book though, since it’s not a retelling by nay means. The writi I’ve always loved the story of Romeo and Juliet. Sep 26, Misty Baker rated it liked it. She’s a normal high school girl. Then we get to parts where the narration has Juliet admitting she stole everything from Rosaline out of pure jealousy, where Romeo–I mean, Rob–comes to her doorstep pleading that he’s always loved her, but she turns him away because she now has a better, more sensitive and endlessly patient boyfriend? Before it all goes so, so wrong. And will Rose get her own happily ever after?

when you were mine rebecca serle

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when you were mine rebecca serle

She was connected to BOTH of these overly-dramatic-slightly-psychotic individuals right? In fact, there were many times when I could not deal with how pathetic she acted towards the entire situation. I think this novel is as much about friendship as it is about love and loss. The girl before the girl. I loved that Juliet wasn’t a straight-up crazy, evil character.

And of course, with every heroine comes a hero. Rebecca Serle has come out swinging with this beautiful debut novel. Then you open it up and read, to 10 minutes later feel like you stepped in a big pile of puppy poo. I thought he was pretty good, but then again I used to think tube tops were cute, so what did I know? Overall, this book is terrific – a real winner in the contemporary world.

This author definitely made me feel compassion for a character that while is part of a great love story, but not the one the gets chosen. Despite being familiar with the framework set up by Shakespeare, I allowed myself to hope that Serle had put a spin on this classic tale.


When You Were Mine is a creative unique re-telling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet wheen a gorgeous twist to the story and characters. It reminds me of Santa Claus. serls

ALPHA reader: ‘When You Were Mine’ by Rebecca Serle

You really just have to read the book to truly grasp how all of the characters play into the story. I don’t mind co-opting classics or subverting Shakespeare.

Before it all goes so, so wrong. It’s available online and in local book stores. She and Rob have grown up next door to each other but it’s only in the last two months that she’s realised she likes him more than a friend and she can already imagine them going to college, ending up together and I really wanted that for her.

I’ll be frank, it was far from being one of the better books I’ve read overall as well.

It’s much more difficult to explain than just simply saying a modern recounting of Romeo and Juliet. To beg him to stop what he’s doing, erase the last three days, and just come back. I liked how Rebecca Serle turned the play to a modern re-telling and I thought it was really creative.

I was irritated at her for pushing everyone away and at the same time, I could completely see where she was coming from. She’s loyal to her friends, worried about college, not as confident in her looks as she should be, a bit preoccupied with popularity, and prone to fits of pique. And then there are big betrayals to the original tale, the main one being that Rob, upon learning the cause of the family feuds, lashes out at Juliet for holding this information from him, and tries to return to Rosaline.


Apr 20, Justin rated it it was amazing. So, make of that what you will. I almost put it down after Act I, but still felt there was something about this book that I was really going to like, and needed to keep reading to find it.

when you were mine rebecca serle

As achingly beautiful and tragically romantic for someā€¦. Unlike in Shakespeare’s play, Rosaline’s family is aligned with Rob’s rather than Juliet’s.

When You Were Mine

Do you remember that? Anyway, one day her dad started eating it again, and all of a sudden it was in their house and on the table, and I remember her telling me how weird that seemed, how unnatural. Then one little twist happened and I got upset but figured it’d work out, but it rebeccs going downhill.

when you were mine rebecca serle

Not huge or anything, but I think she might have been headed that way before she met my dad.