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Syral Bladeleaf notified the hero that package had arrived for Denalan , an herbalist with a camp near Lake Al’Ameth to the south and asked them to deliver it. Survivors from Teldrassil were evacuated to both Stormwind City and Azuremyst Isle as refugees, [2] while overall night elven power on Kalimdor was severely reduced. Upon returning, the hero overheard Ilthalaine telling Huntress Sandrya Moonfall and Dentaria Silverglade that there were no new recruits ready yet. Nazj’vel was glowing, and while the night elves believed it was Elune ‘s light, as they got closer they realized it was from the many Azerite deposits that had appeared, and which the Horde desired. To keep the night elves uninformed, the Horde sent its troops to deal with the Sentry Owls in the area. Though already burdened by political tension and the vast destruction unleashed by the Cataclysm, the night elves worked to find the cause of their World Tree’s ailment. Blightcaller would help Saurfang find a hidden route used by smugglers for his troops.

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Should players try to [ Teleport ] or use a mage portal to reach Darnassus, they will instead land on a small rise on the beach just outside Lor’danel. These last two groups are uncorrupted, but can nevertheless be dangerous. Rifen revealed that the Horde’s campaign in Silithus was a ruse, and that their true objective is the invasion of Ashenvale and the conquering of Darnassus.

Battles War of the Thorns. She would use the hearthstone that King Anduin gave her to leave for Stormwind, to tend her love’s wound, and help her people find respite from this madness.


The Warchief had already taken a scouting party ahead to Darkshore to intercept him. She asked the champion to take her hippogryph to Darnassus and make the Horde’s occupation as “tolerable” as possible. Nyoma told the hero the easiest route teldrassi, the capital would be to fly by hippogryph which they could arrange via the local flight master Fidelio.

After luring a majority of the night elven forces to Silithus through misinformation, the Horde would seek to hold Darnassus hostage and use the political crisis to sow division in the Alliance. Once the main Horde army arrived in Ashenvale, they faced fierce resistance at Falfarren River. They were now ready for a coordinated, synchronized attack on key night elven outposts in Ashenvale.

The heroes saved some of the furbolg, and sabotaged some of the Horde’s terrible war machines, saving dozens of lives.


Using poison that kills teldrassl quickly and silently, the champion signaled to Lorash which targets were safe to attack without being noticed. Many were hiding in Lor’danel, waiting for help. Aquinne wrote a thank-you note and asked the hero to deliver it back to Nyoma.

Within its mighty walls are housed countless druids, hunters, and warriors, led by the priestess of EluneTyrande Whisperwind.

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Meanwhile, the champions and Delaryn went to investigate one such disturbance within Blackwood Denwhere furbolgs were crying for help. In Darnassus the atmosphere is a bit strange; there’s a mix between carefree, joyful elves and grim citizens with suspicions similar to those of the druids in Moonglade.

They did not harm teldrassiil champions teldrasil, who joined Malfurion’s side. Teldrassil contains no dungeonsraid dungeonsmicro dungeonsor battlegrounds.

If the champions could gain the blessing of even a single Aspect, the corruption could halt for a time — perhaps forever. The island now takes the name of the tree as well, and a twilit forest covers it. As the Horde progressed through the Twilight Warccraftthey took down the owls, along with anything standing in their way, such as the Blackwood furbolg. All forms of terrain exist here, including streams, lakes, hills and mountains. Realizing they needed help to survive in this new world and to oppose the Hordewhich chose their continent as its new home, the night elves reluctantly joined the Alliance.


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Saurfang ordered a swift strike to break through their lines and slay the two commanders, leading the fleet and the field troops. Although the Horde had secured the Master’s Glaivethe Alliance still sent troops to engage teldraesil the Horde troops.

Once the Horde secured Astranaar, they rescued Saurfang from the rubble. Nazj’vel was glowing, and while telddassil night elves believed it was Elune ‘s light, as they got closer they realized it was from the many Azerite deposits that had appeared, and which the Horde desired. Using her banshee powers, she held open a small, temporary breach allowing her forces to pass through.

War of the Thorns

The kaldorei fleet was already halfway to Silithus by then, leaving the Darnassian City Guard led by Captain Delaryn Summermoon as the only remaining defenders in the area. The Horde, however, is constantly pushing them back. His brethren were about to answer in kind, for nothing should disrupt the balance of nature.

Saurfang and his army eventually managed to make warcrfat way from Felwood to Darkshore. He transformed into a crow and Delaryn jumped on her hippogryph. Many Wracraft were brought down, and he personally took out Captain Alennah Starsong.